“SA’s Bionic Man”

Andrew has not allowed his disability to deter him from living life as “normally” as possible

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He equips people with the right, positive attitudes to enable them to overcome some of the hard challenges in their own lives


In 2006 I was assaulted at an Engen petrol station in Claremont Cape Town on my way home by a bunch of school boys who believed me to be gay. I suffered numerous injuries the worst of which was having my neck broken which left me a quadriplegic.

One of the accused Dane jumped into his mothers, Stephanie Killian’s car shouting ‘Go,go,go!’ while another witness heard Stephanie shouting to the rest of the boys ‘to get the fuck in the car’. Once the boys had piled into the Chrysler Voyager she drove away from the scene leaving me for dead. In court a further witness testified that Stephanie had said “They are a bunch of hooligans. I’ve had to pick them up at scenes like this far too many times.” And yet another witness testified Stephanie was shouting at the accused ‘to get the Fuck in the car’ READ MORE

Motivational Speaking

Everyone is facing challenges of their own on a daily basis. Sometimes we feel like giving up or like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. You and I can only imagine what it might have been like for Andrew, waking up helpless one morning, relying on everyone else for simple day to day tasks. He has been there.He wants to share the knowledge and tools he learned during his really dark days to equip people with the right, positive attitudes to enable them to overcome some of the hard challenges in their own lives. The media dubbed Andrew ‘’SA’s Bionic Man” and in 2015 he was incorporated into a National Curriculum text book for high school students. READ MORE




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I wanted to say thank you for your talk earlier today – and for taking the time to talk to us. I have received such wonderful feedback from people on the floor,that I think we should look at having you back again soon! The message was one of such positivity that I think you humbled quite a few people today, including me.’

– Stephanie Jacobs, Metropolitian 



‘It was wonderful to finally meet you and I want you to know the impact you, and your talk, had on the children as well as the parents who attended.  It truly was a wonderful evening and we thoroughly enjoyed having both of you with us.’ – Tarryn Payne,

Grayston Preparatory School

Grayston Preparatory School

‘When I first became aware of Andrew’s story, I knew I had to meet him, and to have him share it with others – as a natural born cynic it takes a special person to make me want to share in their enthusiasm and passion. Andrew did just that.’

Chris Douglas
General Manager for Phoenix Province
Momentum Distribution Services

Momentum Distribution Services

Momentum Distribution Services

‘It was SUCH a joy to have you.  Your talk completely exceeded expectations and received universal praise.  You really outdid yourself and your team exuded kindness and support.  I cannot even begin to relate the overwhelming positive impact you had on everyone present.’ – Marilize Bruyns, Engen Oil

Engen Oil

Engen Oil

Thank you for your words of inspiration’

Meridian Pinehurst

Meridian Pinehurst


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